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Choosing the right bicycle is not a simple task. There are a bunch of different things that you have to take into consideration before you finalize your purchase. One of the most crucial things in choosing the right bike is the ‘size’ of the bike.

One of the most common questions that we get asked by novice bikers is “26 inch bike for what size person?” This does not stop here. We get the variation of the same question asked over and over again.

Therefore, we have decided to put this sizing dilemma on an end. In this blog post, we will cover every single aspect that you should take into consideration regarding the size of the bike. So that you can make the decision of choosing your next bicycle with maximum ease. Without any further fuss, let’s get right into it.

Bike Size Chart


The most convenient way of checking the bike compatibility is by using the bike size chart. You simply have to check your height against the best-suited bicycle size, and you are good to go.

Simple Size Chart


Your Height
Bike Frame Size
4’11” – 5’3″
13 – 15 inches
5’3″ – 5’7″
15 – 16 inches
5’7″ – 5’11”
16 – 17 inches
6’0″ – 6’2″
17 – 19 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″
19 – 21 inches
6’4″ and taller
21+ inches
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
DD-upstep Road Bike Aluminum
Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 24-26 inch

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You can use the above-given table to pick up the right bike according to your height. Nonetheless, there are a variety of other things that you should keep in mind before settling on a particular model.

How to Pick Up the Right Bicycle Size Effectively

Choosing a bicycle solely on the basis of bicycle tire size is always a bad idea. Therefore, we have put together a complete step-step guide that you can follow to choose the right bicycle for your needs.

Frame Size

Apart from the conventional bicycle sizing, the first thing that you should check in a bicycle is the size of the frame. If the size of the bicycle frame is not corresponding to your body size, you will face a hard-time riding the bicycle.

The best way to check whether the frame size is perfect for you or not is to stand on the bicycle frame touching the ground with both your feet. Now, you should measure the distance between the bicycle frame and your crotch. Ideally, you should have a gap of 25-50mm between the crotch, and the bicycle frame.

Wheel Size

The wheel size is actually the measurement of the wheel diameter. Different bicycles come in different wheel size configurations. Typically, mountain bikes come 26″ wheel size. “26” wheel size is perfect for most of the adults with a height above 6 feet. Most of the touring bikes and hybrid bikes come in 700C metric wheels, which are also known as 29-inch wheels.

Children can follow th e below-given chart to choose the right size bicycle tires.


3-5 Years
5-7 Years
7-12 Years
Above 12 Years

The size chart for children given above is generic and can vary from case to case. Thus, you should cross-check whether the particular size fits your child or not.

Seat Position

Another crucial factor that you should take in the count is the positioning of the seat. Different bicycles come in different seat configurations. Some seats are tilted forwards, some are reclined backward, and there are some bicycle seats that are in-balance.

Always make sure that you try and test different seat configurations. Else you may feel uncomfortable riding a bike.

Handle Bar

The not least feature that you should notice in a bike is the height and width of the bike. A lot of newbies miss this crucial factor and suffer later. If you choose the wrong-sized handlebar, you might suffer from wrist soreness, chest pain as well as back pain.

We highly advocate choosing a bicycle that comes with an adjustable stand. Thus, you can adjust the handle of the bicycle to your preferred position.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are some questions that we frequently get asked by novice bicycle riders. We have put together all these questions in the form of a Q&A. So that you can choose the right bicycle size easily.

The 26-inch bike is for what size person?

The 26-inch bicycle suits most of adults. In fact, it’s one of the most common bike sizes nowadays. If you have a height above 6.2 feet, then the 26-inch bicycle is for you. However, it’s not the only factor that you should take into consideration before settling on a particular model.

Can an adult ride a 24-inch bike?

Well, this totally depends upon the height of the adult. There are many adults that are shorter than most of the children. Therefore, we recommend checking your height against the chart given above to have a better match.

What Bike Size Do I need?

This question is very subjective and depends upon the physique of the user. Therefore, we highly advocate checking our bicycle size guide chart to check out the best bicycle for your needs.

What size bike should a 5-foot woman get?

A woman with 5-foot height should choose a bicycle of 14-inches according to her height. However, there is not any hard and fast rule for choosing the bicycle. You can read our full guide about the sizing of the bicycles and choose accordingly.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right bicycle size is a daunting task. Therefore, we have put together this step-by-step complete sizing guide for you. You can use this easy to navigate guide to select the most suitable bicycle size.

Apart from the standard chart, we have also mentioned other critical factors that you should take into consideration before settling on a particular model. If you have any doubts about the bike sizes or bikes in general. You can always start a discussion in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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