Are Ebike Conversion Kits Worth It?

Riding a bicycle is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get around. For that, the popularity of electric bikes is increasing rapidly. The reality is the vast price of e-bikes makes buying an e-bike becomes challenging for enthusiastic riders. 

In that case, using a DIY E-bike conversion kit is a good way to transform your regular bike into an E-bike. This kit enhanced the excellent aspects of the bike by softening the hardship of pedals. As a result, a faster and longer path without pedaling so hard. 

An E-bike conversion kit works as a game-changer for its quality and affordability, providing non-fatigued quadriceps, extra torque, and hamstrings. This way, you can experience a tireless journey. So we can state that this kit is really worth it. Read this context to discover more about electric bike conversion kits.


What Is an E-Bike Conversion Kit?

An E-bike conversion kit lets you install a motor, battery, and electric control on your regular bicycle. It enables you to ride with an electric bike assist, just like a traditional bicycle. Converting your regular bike doesn’t mean your E-bike will become a motorcycle. In fact, you still have pedals to run the motor. 

Typically, an ebike conversion kit enables you to convert your standard pedal bike to an electric bike. This kit comes in different grades and types that allow you to choose the level of pedaling you wish to apply while riding. This way, you will get additional power while pedaling. For example, you can adjust the settings if you want to ride on a steep slope without applying so much force. 

Why Use E-Bike Conversion Kits?

An E-bike conversion kit comes with numerous components and parts you will require to upgrade your ride. It enables you to transform your pedal bicycle into something powerful and easier to ride without having to break the bank. This kit has many benefits, especially when it comes to cost-efficiency. Below we have demonstrated some significant advantages of using electric bike conversion kits.

Keep Your Original Bike 

If you recently bought a traditional bicycle and didn’t want to sell or store it, an E-bike conversion kit is for you. With this kit, you can transform your old bicycle into the latest electric bike. You will get the same advantages from your transformed bicycle as an electric bike.


Considering the electric bike cost, installing a conversion kit on your regular bicycle is cost-effective and much affordable. When an e-bike may cost from $1,500 to upwards of $7,000, most E-bike conversion kits cost only a few hundred dollars; this will help you save your money.

Customizable E-bike

An electric bike conversion kit enables you to build your own bike according to your needs. For example, you can install a higher capacity battery as well as a powerful motor on your bicycle. Besides, it lets you customize any components without replacing the whole kit or bike.

Same Benefits as Regular Bikes

You may think that you will not get the same benefits as regular bikes for getting assistance from a motor. Studies found that e-bikes offer the same health advantages as traditional bikes. Like a regular bike, riding an electric bike can lower the risk of cardiovascular disorder, reduce blood pressure, strengthen bones, and lose fat.

Easy Transformation

Converting your regular bike into an E-bike through a confessional kit is not required for an engineering degree. The manufacturers designed this kit so that you can easily install it. Besides, you will get an instruction guide with the packet of this kit, where you find all the steps to install this kit.

Different Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The online and offline markets are flooded with numerous electric bike conversion kits. Although not all E-bike conversion kits are the same, you can break them down into a few prime types. Below we have talked about the three main kinds of E-bike conversion kits.

Front Wheel E-bike Conversion Kits

This conversion kit refers to entire wheel replacements. With the front wheel E-bike conversion kit, you will get speed sensors, a motorized wheel, controls, and cables. When these components are connected up to a battery, the front wheel of your bicycle will get power itself and move you forward. For those who are looking for a road bike, this conversion kit is definitely an excellent option than a rear wheel.

Rear Wheel E-bike Conversion Kits

Although this kit is similar to the front wheel conversion kit, the only difference is it uses the rear wheel. That means you will get better power while riding off-road. The installation process of the rear-wheel E-bike conversion kit is the same as the front wheel. The downside of this kit is that the back portion of your bicycle tends to be heavy. Besides, you will need a stiffer frame to transform your regular bike into an electric bike.

Mid-Drive Ebikes Conversion Kits    

The mid-drive conversion kit is completely different from the front and rear conversion kits. Usually, this type of kit requires you to install a motor in the center of your bike. Your wheels will be powered by this motor when connected to the chain. So you will not feel heavy on the rear or front portion of your bicycle.

How to Install an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

As a good quality E-bike does not come cheap, transforming a regular bicycle into an electric bike will be an excellent option. In that case, using an E-bike conversion kit will help you a lot. You can install both front and rear wheel E-bike conversion kits following the same below steps.

  • Remove the old wheel from your bicycle following the same method as you would when changing an inner tube. Insert the new electric wheel just like regular bicycle maintenance.
  • After that, replace the old brake handles on your bicycle with those that come with the kit and retouch the brake cable properly.
  • Set up the meter and throttle on the newly placed handlebar and tighten up the screws to secure them. Connect the speed sensor to your bicycle wheel spoke and zip-tie the receiver over this.
  • Unscrew your crank arm and install the pedal sensor by adding a washer to secure it in place. Then reinstall the crank arm with a wrench.
  • Install the battery plate on your bicycle using screws and place the battery on the mounting plate. Now connect wires following the simple color code and use zip-ties to tighten them in place.
  • After successfully doing everything, go for a test drive to check whether all components work properly.

What Is the Cost of an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Generally, an E-bike conversion bike ranges from $300 to $900. You will also find some cheaper conversion kits as well as top-shelf units. Remember, the higher the price of a conversion kit, the better quality you will get. Besides, the price of this kit varies depending on the motor and also your customization features. Some conversion kits provide the ability to adjust controls when riding rough terrain.

In contrast, other kits focus on speed, which is suitable for speed lovers.

Are E-bike Conversion Kits Worth It?

After considering the above discussion, we state that electric bike conversion kits are really worth it if you love pedal bikes. E-bike conversion kits are an excellent investment in transforming a regular bicycle into an electric bike. This is because the price of these kits is significantly less than the brand new dedicated e-bikes. 

By changing your regular bike, you will be able to go farther, longer, and faster without pedaling much. Besides, it also provides you with the same health benefits as riding on a regular bike. Using an E-bike conversion kit is an affordable and effective way to make any old bike a super change. So, converting your regular bicycle into an electric bike will not waste money since they bring so many advantages for you.


For the high price range of electric bikes, buying one sometimes will not be possible for riders. In that case, using an E-bike conversion kit will help you to transform your regular bike into an electric bike. The price of E-bike conversion kits is comparatively less and easy to afford for anyone. 

You will get the same advantages as a regular bike by riding on the transformed bike. In fact, you will go longer and faster without much pressure on your bicycle pedals. Besides, the installation process of an E-bike conversion kit is very easy. You can install and transform your old bike into an electric bike following the simple steps described above.

Last Updated on February 22, 2022