15 Best gravel bikes under 1000 USD 2021 Buyer’s Guide UPDATED

Gravel bikes are the kind of bikes that can be efficiently run on roads as well as rough muddy surfaces. It also enables you to travel over a mountainous area at the fastest pace. These specially designed bikes allow you to experience a comfortable as well as stable ride. Apart from all these qualities, there is a perception that such bikes will be out of budget. Here we have compiled a list of best gravel bikes under 1000 that offers you exceptional features at an affordable price so you can feasibly decide which one will be suitable for you.

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The Tommaso Sentiero can be considered as one of the best sustainable as well as a durable bike as it comes with an aluminum frame with the SST Steel fork. The 30/39/50T cleric crankset along with the 12 X 25T cassettes allows you to ride at a variety of terrains at the highest pace. It’s durable 28 spoke rim highly supports the wheel. The 700 X 40c tires provide an excellent grip on the surface. Its disc brakes can be applied easily.  Its compact handlebars and saddle make your ride comfortable.

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris


Best gravel bikes under 1000

It becomes a confusing task to pick up the best one out of the plethora of items in the market. Here we have crafted a comparison table of all the best gravel bikes under 1000 below so you can easily compare different products in terms of features and prices respectively.

Tommaso Sentiero28 spoke rims
aluminum frame
Mongoose Men’s Elroy700c alloy rims
40c tires
Tommaso Siena700 X 40c tires
28 spoke of rims
Tommaso Sterrata700 X 40c tires
28 spoke of rims
Tommaso Illimitate700 X 40c tires
28 spoke of rims
Royce Union700c
18-speed shifters
Retrospec AMOKAluminum frame
700c tread tires
Royce Union Men’s27.5 inches tires
16-speed derailleur
Raleigh Bikes Willard16 gears with 8 shifters
700 X 35c tires
Giordano Trieste32 hole double alloy rim
700 X 30cc mm tires
Pure Cycles Adventure700 X 38c tires
strong Chromoly steel frame
Raleigh Willard700 X 35c
8 gear shifters
Tommaso Avventura700 X 40c tires
28 spoke of rims
Mongoose Artery Sport700 X 38c tires
21-speed shifters
Diamondback HaanjoDiamondback Haanjo

Let’s get started with reviews of all the best gravel bikes under 1000 and see which one is ideal according to your preferences.

1. Tommaso Sentiero

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris

While searching for the bike at an affordable price, you can contemplate on Tommaso Sentiero. The bike comes with an aluminum frame which makes it highly durable and sustainable and allows you to travel on rough, concrete surfaces. The SST steel fork combined with it also ensures excellent durability and proved helpful in making your ride smoother and bump-free.

It allows you to completely rely on it whether you have to travel long and short with the provision of complete comfort by its handlebars. The handlebars are positioned to minimize the stress over the shoulder and back. For fulfilling the safety standards, it comes with the responsive Avid BB5 disc brakes which can be applied quickly.

The wheels of the bike come with the rim of 28 spoke which enhances its durability and strengthens the wheels. The 700 X 40c tires of the wheels provide an excellent grip with a variety of terrains. The 39.20.50T crankset along with the 12 X 25 cassette offers a range of gears and collectively provide balance to the rider and makes traveling no matter whether you are traveling on the road or hilly area, you will get the best performance and the fastest pace.                 This matte black colored bike holds a highly elegant look.

To conclude, we can say that the bike is engineered for enabling you to travel with comfort on multiple terrains. The highly responsive brakes, the fastest gear shifter along with the durable frame and wheels ensure you about delivering an excellent performance. Moreover, it holds an elegant look as well making it our top selection as the best gravel bikes under 1000.

  • Durable frame
  • Steel fork
  • Convenient handling
  • Responsive brakes
  • Extra-wide Grippy tires
  • 28 spoke of a rim in wheels
  • A bit heavier in weight
  • Saddle and paddle can be more comfortable

2. Mongoose Men’s Elroy

Mongoose Men's Elroy

The sustainable bike can be proved as your riding assistant for a longer time span, one such bike is Mongoose Men’s Elroy. The bike comes with the sleek alloy frame which maximizes its durability. The highly durable steel fork is a part of it that holds the front wheel and offers you a stable riding experience in case of traveling on rough surfaces.

The 2 X 7 drive train with derailleur and integrated micro shifters make the gear-changing process easier so you can maintain the speed according to the intensity of the ride. Its unique braking system consists of brake lever combo and mechanical disc brakes which offers you excellent safety as you can feasibly apply it and experience a rapid response. Now you may know why it’s listed as the second best gravel bikes under 1000.

In the case of design, it holds an integrated frame bag that delivers you an excellent space for keeping your essential stuff along with you during a ride. The large front rack also attached to the bike with an efficient capability of carrying two panniers and whatever else you want. Moreover, the 3 distinct water bottle cage mounts are also a part of it. Its large 40c tires provide an exceptional grip with the variety of terrains and bestow you with a comfortable and smoother ride. The 700c alloy rims support the wheels and also make them durable.

All in all, it can be served as your long term partner whether its wheels or frame, both can be proved highly durable for you and you can completely rely on it, no matter what kind of surfaces you are traveling. The comfort and safety standards are also fulfilled by it in an efficient manner.

  • Highly durable frame and fork
  • 700c alloy rims
  • 40c tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Vast space for racks
  • Water bottle cage
  • Gear shifters
  • Need to add more gear ranges
  • A bit heavy in weight
  • The front end is a bit tall

3. Tommaso Siena

Tommaso Siena

While searching for the in-budget gravel bike, one of the bikes that come with the price tag of below 1000 is Tommaso Siena. The aluminum frame of the bike along with the steel fork ensures excellent durability. The fork attached to the rear wheel makes handling easier and ride smoother by reducing the effects of bumps. The frame allows you to attach racks over there for converting it into a touring bike. The compact handlebars are the part of the frame and offer convenient and comfortable handling and are designed in such a way that no matter how long you have to travel it does not make you feel tired.

The 30/39/50T crankset with the 12 X 28T cassette works as a support system for the bike and offers a wide range of gear for the adjustment of speed according to the variety of terrains. For the rapid and responsive stopping, the Avid BB5 disc brakes are part of it as in intense weather and intense terrain conditions, this is all that you need, otherwise; you may have to face an accident. The bike holds wide tires of 700 X 40c which provide a complete grip with the surface whether it is rough or plain whereas the wheels come with the rim of 28 spoke which provides excellent durability and strengthens the wheel.

To sum up, we can say that easy handling, stable smooth ride, and the provision of durability are some of the main goals of the bike which is really achieved by its excellent features. Moreover, you can ride it over intense surfaces even in the intense weather conditions because of its grippy tires and responsive brakes for fulfilling the safety standards.

  • Durable frame and wheels
  • 28 spoke of the rim
  • 700 X 40c tire
  • Excellent crankset and cassette
  • Responsive disc brakes
  • Compact handlebars
  • Steel fork
  • Some noise is created by the derailleur while shifting

4. Tommaso Sterrata

Tommaso Sterrata

Another considerable option while searching for the best gravel bikes is Tommaso Sterrata as it comes with the aluminum frame which can be proved highly durable it means capable of letting you travel over it for a longer time span. One of the unique features of the bike is high modulus carbon fiber fork which provides excellent comfort while reducing the effect of bumps and hurdles so you can experience the smoother ride. The 30/39/50T crankset and 12 X 25T cassette is a part of a bike which allows you to feasibly adjust the gear in order to maintain the speed according to the variety of terrains. The compact frame attached with the compact handlebars results in inefficient as well as feasible handling. Moreover, decreases the shoulder strain.

The wheels of the bike come with the 28 spoke of the rim which maximizes its durability and strengthens the wheel. The wide 700 X 40c tires offer an exceptional grip with a variety of surfaces. Apart from the excellent gripping, it also delivers you a responsive braking system with its Avid BB5 disc brakes which can be applied conveniently and quickly and reduces the risks of accidents. Because of its high-quality ergonomics, it makes your rides highly comfortable.

As a whole, apart from the smoother road, it also makes your hill riding convenient, balanced, and smoother with the easy gear shifting, suspensions, braking system, and other features. The excellent ergonomics ensures comfort whereas the material ensures durability. Because of all such properties, it is worth noticing and buying.

  • Convenient suspension
  • Highly durable
  • Rapid braking with disc brakes
  • 700 X 40c tires
  • 28 spoke of the rim
  • Compact handlebars
  • A bit heavier in weight
  • Assembling it needs a bit more effort

5. Tommaso Illimitate

Tommaso Illimitate

Your search for finding the best bikes which can be used for traveling on roads as well as on hilly areas may lead to Tommaso Illimitate. The bike comes with an aluminum compact frame. Because of its excellent sustainability, it ensures you about maximum durability. The high modulus carbon fiber fork is a part of it that minimizes the bumping effects and enables you to experience a highly comfortable and smoother ride. The excellently positioned handlebars enhance comfort by lowering stress on your arms, shoulders, and back. Whether it’s a paddle or pedal, the whole ergonomics of the bike are designed for the rider’s comfort and convenience.

The 2 X 10 group set, 50/34T compact set, and 11 X 32T cassette collectively result in the delivery of excellent performance. The collective functioning makes the gear and speed adjustments and maintenance easier.  So whether it’s riding at the fastest pace on roads or its hill-climbing, you can conveniently handle it. At your fastest rides, you may need the quickest and responsive brakes, so for the accomplishment of your needs, it is equipped with the Avid BB5 disc brakes. The 28 spoke of a rim in the wheels makes the wheel durable along with the wide tires of 700 X 40c to enable traveling on multiple surfaces.

In a nutshell, we can say that the bike designed in order to bring the best performance out of it with the provision of complete comfort to the rider. For traveling over muddy and hilly terrains, the mechanics are designed for providing maximum easy to drive in such areas and result in delivering easy handling and stable riding experience.

  • Compact handlebars
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • 28 spoke of the rim
  • Durable wheel and frame
  • Disc brakes
  • Easy gear adjustments
  • Pedal adjustments required
  • A bit hard to assemble

6. Royce Union

Royce Union

If you are looking for a bike with advanced features that can result in an excellent traveling experience, you can ponder over the Royce Union. The bike comes with an aluminum hardtail frame and ensures you excellent durability and sustainability. Moreover, because of the frame material, it is lighter in weight so you can achieve faster speed on it. If we take a look over the mechanics of the bike then we will find an 8-speed index and 18-speed shifter there which makes the gear shifting process easier. The 11 X 34 cassette and Neco alloy 3 piece crank is a part of it. All of these mechanics lead to achieving exceptional performance out of it.

The slightly raised handlebars along with the WTB volt saddle make it extremely comfortable for going on longer rides. The WTB alloy rims are part of wheels whereas the WTB 700c tires provide an exceptional grip with surfaces whether it’s a plain road or hilly area. For letting you free ride without safety concerns, the bike comes with dual disc brakes which can be applied quickly and respond excellently and allows you to travel over multiple terrains at the fastest speed.

In our opinion, the bike holds a lighter weight which enables us to achieve the fastest speed. With the excellent controlling option whether it’s a braking system or grip of tire, you can ride with this high speed over multiple terrains.

  • 18-speed shifter
  • Lighter in weight
  • Highly durable
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 700c tires
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Assembling need a bit more effort

7. Retrospec AMOK

Retrospec AMOK v3

The Retrospec AMOK can be served as one of the most affordable bikes with excellent features as it comes with the aluminum frame which actually makes it lighter in weight. But lighter weight does not mean to have a compromise on durability and quality. It allows you to achieve the maximum speed with its 8-speed derailleur and rapid-fire shifter which frequently shift the gear in order to maintain the speed in accordance with the variety of terrain. The feature enables you to bring the best performance out of it.

Its aluminum handlebars provide exceptional handling and are designed 30mm raised in order to minimize the strain on your shoulders and back and for the enhancement of comfort. For meeting your safety standards and allowing you to ride on the intense paths in intense conditions, it comes with the tetra mechanical disc brakes which are claimed to be more responsive and quick and can be applied easily. The aluminum alloy double rim in the tire makes it more long-lasting whereas its 700c nova tread tires ensure the better friction with the surface to deliver you balanced riding experience.

By and large, the product comes with excellent ergonomics which results in getting excellent performance out of it. The bike can be efficiently used for going on long rides because of the comfort and safety standards provided by it. Because of the durability and features hold by this decent designed bike, it is really worth spending money.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Highly durable
  • Easy and quick shifter
  • 700c grippy tires
  • Raised handlebars for reducing strain
  • Responsive tetra mechanical brakes
  • Double rim
  • Gears are limited
  • Lever support could be better

8. Royce Union Men’s

Royce Union Men's

If you are looking for versatility in design as well as in features, one smart option is Royce Union Men’s. The bike comes with the lightweight aluminum frame which does not require much maintenance and proved durable for you. Moreover, the lighter weight also assists you in riding at the fastest pace. The 3 piece crankset with the steel frame is a part of it which ensures the provision of excellent performance. With the fire trigger shifters and 16-speed derailleur, you can easily shift gears and maintaining speed.

For the exceptional power transfer from the pedal to the drive wheels, the Shimano drive train is also here. While traveling on-road or hills, you always need accurate and responsive brakes. For meeting your requirements, the bike comes with the dual, rear, and front brakes which can be applied quickly and result in incredible stopping. The 27.5 inches all-terrain tires deliver an excellent grip with the surface with the ability to switch from road to trail.

To end the discussion, we can say that if you are looking for a bike which can be termed as a symbol of advancement then you should surely go for it. With the lighter weight, easy shifters, responsive braking system, and grippy tires, you can have the best riding experience over it so you should once contemplate it.

  • Lighter weight
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Crankset with steel frame
  • Front and rear brakes
  • All-terrain 27.5’’ tires
  • Fastest shifters
  • A bit difficult assembling

9. Raleigh Bikes Willard

Raleigh Bikes Willard

The Raleigh Bikes Willard comes with the lightweight aluminum frame and fork. The lightweight frame delivers an exceptional riding comfort and maximizes the speed range whereas the fork makes the ride smoother by reducing the effects of bumping. The 8 shifters are part of it which comes with the range of 16 gears so according to the intensity of ride and speed you can adjust gear conveniently.  Moreover, the bike is completely weather resistant so because of this property and material used in manufacturing, it offers excellent durability.

For enabling you to have an excellent shopping experience, it comes with the rapid and responsive braking system in the form of mechanical disc brakes. For the provision of the balanced and stable ride, the exceptional 700 X 35c tires come with the wheel which delivers an excellent grip with every kind of surfaces. The bike comes with the variation in size so you can choose according to your height and other adjustments.

In closing, the bike can be served as a smart solution, if you want to have a comfortable and smoother riding experience. With suspensions and easy shifters, it is highly convenient to ride over it.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Highly durable
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 700 X 35c tires
  • Variation in size
  • Comes with 16 gears
  • Assembly can be a bit difficult

10. Giordano Trieste

Giordano Trieste

While searching for the product of your interest, the Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike can be noticed because of its excellent features. The bike comes with the steel frame. With such excellent material, it provides excellent durability and sustainability which is one of the main requirements of riders.  The steel fork is also a part of it which minimizes the effect of bumps while traveling over the roads full of hurdles.

For allowing you to efficiently maintain, it comes with the Shimano Claris STI shifters which makes the gear shifting more feasible. The 16-speed drive train is also a part of it. For the provision of quick and accurate stopping, the bike comes with the mechanical disc brakes so after applying it, you will notice a quick response. The wheel of the bike comes with the 32-hole double alloy rim and 700c X 30mm tires. The rim is responsible for strengthening the wheel and maximizing its durability whereas the tire ensures better friction with the ground for resulting in a balanced ride. The handlebars, saddle, and pedal are also designed for delivering premium comfort to the riders.

Overall, it may be said that the bike is a name of durability. Each and every component is manufactured with high-quality material which ensures its longevity whereas the functioning of these components ensures efficient performance.

  • Steel frame and fork
  • 700c X 30mm wide tire
  • Exceptionally comfortable to ride
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 16-speed drive train and shifters
  • There are some claims about flimsy gear hangers

11. Pure Cycles Adventure

Pure Cycles Adventure

The Pure Cycles Adventure can be considered as one of the best gravel bikes under 1000 because of its high-quality frameset which is manufactured with the 4130 strong Chromoly steel and is lighter in weight as well. With the lighter weight, it becomes easier to drive it. The top bar of the bike is adjustable so you can adjust the handlebar in accordance with your comfort and convenience from the variety of positions. The gel-padded tape over there makes handling easier. No matter you have to go on long or a short ride, its royal rampage adventure saddle is designed for bringing comfort and excellent performance.

For the provision of incredible gearing and its adjustments, the Claris STI drive train is a part of it. Other mechanics that enhance its functioning include 3 pieces FSA tempo adventure and 48/32 crankset. The bike comes with the disc brakes which makes the shopping easier and makes your ride safer. The durability of wheels is achieved by its 32 hole rim which basically comes with the steel spokes and alloy hub. All these features result in supporting the wheel while riding over multiple terrains. Moreover, the tires of the wheel come with a size of 700 X 38c which is quite efficient to have a stable ride.

Taking everything to account, we may say that the gravel bike holds stunning features that the best gravel bike must have and offer it to you at a really affordable price so without any delay you should surely ponder over it in order to experience the fastest comfortable ride like never before.

  • Strong and durable
  • Light in weight
  • Maximum comfort in riding
  • Excellent gear adjustments
  • Steel spoke, alloy hub of the wheel
  • Wide tire of 700 X 38c
  • There are some claims that speed is not satisfactory

12. Raleigh Bikes Willard 

Raleigh Bikes Willard

The best next gravel bike under 1000 in the list is Raleigh Bikes Willard. The bike holds an aluminum frame and fork. The quality of material proves it durable whereas its lighter weight results in achieving excellent stability and speed. The 16 gears range offered by the 8 gear shifters offer you to maintain speed according to the requirement of terrain and situations. The bike comes with the advanced braking system with its Tektro Lyra mechanical discs and delivers you frequent braking even in the worst weather conditions.

As we know that the gravel bikes are used for both traveling on the pavement as well as on gravel so the tires of the bike should be efficient enough to deliver an excellent grip with the variety of terrains in order to let you experience a balanced ride. The bike holds a clement X’plor 700 X 35c tires which are wide in size and meet your needs.

To put it all together, we can end up on as the essential requirements are efficiently fulfilled by it. The excellent tiring and unique braking system make it safer to use. Moreover, the mechanics and handling ensure the provision of maximum control to you.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Tektro Lyra mechanical discs
  • 8 gear shifters
  • Wide tires
  • A bit heavy in weight

13. Tommaso Avventura

Tommaso Avventura

You may have a look at Tommaso Avventura. The bike comes with a compact aluminum frame with excellent durability. The high modulus carbon fiber fork is a part of it that minimizes the effects of bumps and vibration by riding over multiple kinds of terrains. The handlebars ensure the provision of exceptional handling so while being a part of longer rides, you may not get tired. The ergonomics of the bike provide excellent comfort to the riders.

The manufacturers care about their rider so for safety, the bike comes with the Avid BB5 disc brakes which deliver excellent stopping. The mechanics of the bike include 2 X 9 group set, 50/34T crankset, and 11/30T cassette. The wheels of the bike hold a 28 spoke of rim whereas the tire thickness is 700 X 40c which lets you experience a completely stable and controlled ride over the variety of terrains. The bike is claimed to deliver excellent performance in intense weather and on the intense surfaces.

As a final observation, the bike functionalities can bring an outclass performance along with comfort and durability, so you can spend on it.

  • Excellent ergonomics and handling
  • Wide 700 X 40 c tires
  • Exceptional mechanics
  • Durable
  • Brakes are a bit more difficult to adjust

14. Mongoose Artery Sport

Mongoose Artery Sport

The next item on the list is Mongoose Artery Sport. The bike comes with the commuter aluminum frame along with the steel fork which collectively results in smoother riding experience. The 21-speed drive train with the Altus shifter allows you to switch between multiple speeds and maintain them while conveniently shifting and adjusting the gears. For efficient and responsive braking, it comes with the braking system consist of linear-pull brakes with the E-500 brake levers.

Its double-wall rims proved durable and completely support the wheels. The metro ZRS 700 X 38c tires fulfill the friction requirement and result in providing you stable riding experience. For the provision of complete comfort, while riding, it holds a durable 28/38/48T crank which makes the pedaling more convenient and makes your journey less tiring.

On a final note, the bike comes with the feasible pedaling it means it does not require much of your effort. With excellent shifters and drive train, you can gain excellent speed adjustments. All of its stunning features make it worth considering.

  • 21-speed drive train
  • Lever braking system
  • Wide tires
  • Convenient pedaling and handling
  • Assembling needs a bit more effort.

15. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo

The last but not least stunning item in the list is Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo as it comes with an aluminum alloy frame which can be proved excellently durable. The gravel disc steel forks minimize the bumping effects and bestow you with a smoother riding experience. The 2 X 8-speed drive trains and shifters bring your performance to the peak by conveniently make adjustments on gears.

The tetra lira mechanical disc brakes are part of it to provide the fastest stopping in accidental situations. The wheels have a double wall rim whereas, in the case of tires, it comes with the 700 X 38c wide tires which ensure the provision of excellent grip with multiple surfaces.

In the final analysis, the bike comes at an affordable price with advanced features so you can completely rely on it while finding the one that can lead to exceptional performance.

  • Steel forks
  • 2 X 8 drive trains and shifters
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Wide tires
  • The saddle is not comfortable

Buying Guide of best gravel bikes under 1000

Before buying the best gravel bike under 1000, you should keep some of the factors in mind that can lead you to make a perfect decision. Regular bikes and gravel bikes differ in some features and those features are actually responsible for performance boosting. Some such features you should check before making a decision for the best gravel bike under 1000 are as follows:

Frame: The first main thing is to check out the frame of the bike. You should check that which material is used in manufacturing as the best material can result in excellent durability and sustainability. Moreover, you should also check the weight of the frame as the heavyweight of the frame can never be proved helpful in letting the bike achieve higher speed whereas, with the lighter weight, you can experience a comfortable, stable, and fastest ride.

Braking system: Another considerable factor is its braking system. As the braking system is something which ensures your safety and prevents you from facing accidents so you should choose the one with an excellent braking system. Most of the gravel bikes come with dual brakes or mechanical disc brakes which can be proved excellent stopping whenever it needs.

Comfortable: It should be comfortable to ride it means come with excellent ergonomics. The handling should be easy. The slightly raised handles can be more likely to provide comfort. As with the raised position, the stress on the shoulder decreases, and the riding becomes less fatigue ful. The saddle should also be comfortable in sitting.

Mechanics: The mechanics of bikes also matter a lot in order to achieve the best performance out of it. The derailleur and shifters are used for a convenient gear changing process. Some other features that include in mechanics and you should have a look on them are a number of crankset and cassette.

Wheel and tires: The durability of the wheel is dependent on the durability of the rim so choose the one with more spoke and excellent material. The wider tires can be more liked as they result in providing more grip with the terrains and ensures the provision of smoother riding.


Are gravel bikes good?

Yes, gravel bikes can be proved good for riding over a variety of terrains, whether it’s a pavement, a muddy land, or a rough surface, they can be proved as your best riding assistant.

What is the best budget gravel bike?

The list of the bikes mentioned above is all about the best gravel bikes at an affordable price that can bring exceptional performance.

Are gravel bikes good for touring?

You can completely rely on gravel bikes for touring because of the comfort, safety, and durability offered by them.

Should I buy a gravel bike or a road bike?

Road bikes can only be used on roads whereas, in the case of gravel bikes, you can use it on road as well as on other various terrains so the gravel bikes can be proved as a much better option.

How do I choose a gravel bike?

The buying guide above can completely assist you in choosing the best gravel bike for yourself. By having a look at the guide you can feasibly make a decision.

Why are gravel bikes so expensive?

Because of the features offered by them, almost all of them come with carbon fiber. Higher the quality, the more expensive it would be.

Are gravel bikes slower than road bikes?

It depends on the number of gears. If you are a road bike racer then you may find it a bit slower.

How do you make a cheap gravel bike?

For making a cheap gravel bike, you should look for quality at an affordable price of each and every component from frame to cassette and wheel rim. The bikes mentioned in the list provide the best quality at an affordable price so you can check them out as well.

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