Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2021 – Buying Guide

Hardtail bikes are those bikes having suspension on the front side rather than on the rear. It is because of the nature of the bike and the work you want to do. Mountains have hills and trails, and you need such bikes that can solve your jumping and challenging issues from the endpoint.

Thus, you can perform your task quickly and smoothly without getting stuck in any dangerous condition. Typically, hardtail bikes are less expensive as compared to full-suspension bikes. That’s why many mountain bikers love to have such bikes with them.

But getting the best hardtail mountain bikes in 2021 is not a child game. You need to learn a proper element of a guide that can save your time and money.

Hardtail bikes can freeze the bike’s front side when you need full attention on the mountain’s surface and want safe riding without getting stuck in any dangerous condition.

Then you will be able to grab the best hardtail mountain bikes for you or your crew in a straightforward way. The freezing suspension will lock your front tire and frame, and you can easily ride from top to bottom without falling at any point.

The best quality mountain bikes can do for you if you have such a hardtail bike in 2021. Long story short, hardtail bikes are the best combination of quality with safety for those who want to spend adequate time in the mountains with friends and love ones.

Most riders love to use this bike because they want the best quality bike with the suspension in front of the bike. That’s why it is recommended for the professionals and expert-level riders because it needs a lot of patience and other stuff you need to notice before getting jumped into the real shopping progress.

Also, it depends on you because, in the end, it’s only you who will decide whether I want the full-suspension bike or hardtail one.

So, it better is to make your mind before deep diving into the real deal. I am just here to guide you all about the best hardtail mountain bikes in 2021. So, stay connected with me, and I will guide you in such a way that you’ll be able to buy the best bike for your journey.

Types of Hardtail Bikes

It’s a pervasive but mind-bending thing that hardtail bikes come up with other different categories. It’s all about the branches of the bike that you need to know in deep. It will help you get a better bike and help you understand the difference between multiple hardtails bikes that you can get in 2021.

XC Hardtails

Such bikes contain the most slight weight with the body. Thin size tires rounded with the best quality suspension is the only definition of such bikes. These bikes typically develop narrow tires and frame that can make your ride fast a smooth.

The gear range in such bikes is high. You can expect a typical 16-22 gears that can make your ride super-fast and accurate. That’s why many riders want to have such the best hardtail mountain bikes that are fast and provide better quality for a long time.

One more thing you need to notice is the saddle design that can make your long ride easy, fast, smooth and safe all the time. You won’t feel stress or pain in your back after riding on such bikes even for hours. It’s the only thing I love about this mountain bike in 2021.


These bikes are disciplined with the one rule that is “Smooth Racing & Riding”. These bikes have the qualities to ride forward straight in an upward direction (140-170mm) without falling. Such bikes contain less danger as you know that these bikes are mostly built with up-riding rules.

You can control this bike without any hustle even in the high-speed due to the smooth, rugged tires that won’t make you angry. Thin but grippy tires are the key as I discussed in my earlier guide and Enduro bikes provide this experience to test without fear.

Electric Hardtails

Electric hardtails bikes, such as MTB, given the reason to live in a moment to many riders. Such a bike is made so clear that they can ignore the wind and ride smoothly with the fastest speed.

With the specialization of long-run and fast racing or riding, the electric motor installed in these bikes helps you get the bikes’ best results.

That’s why you can also have an eye on such bikes, and it will help you get the best mountain bikes in 2021 and upcoming years with the changing of technology.

So, these are some common but most-advance types of the best hardtail mountain bikes in 2021. Hope so that you have now the sense of checking different bikes along with their features.

Now, let’s jumped into our review section where I reviewed the top 10 best hardtail mountain bikes in 2021 based on their specifications and expertise:

Top 10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2021

1. 26-In MTB Mountain Hard-Tail Bike

MTB is one of the best technology for today’s time and provide the best ride every time you try to use this. With the hardtail features, this bike is designed especially for the long route ride with fearless feelings all the time. It is all because of the best suspension that carries the whole frame amazingly.

Carbon-Steel frame is another excellent thing that can make your day smooth and well-managed with this MTB mountain bike. Gearing scheme is one of the best things I would like to tell you because it has some great gears-pack which you can use even on harsh roads from the off-side.

Double disc brakes provide a better braking system, and that’s why you are all safe and will be able to get the best feeling all the time from your riding.

  • High-end frame
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Strong metal equipped
  • Suits all genders
  • Not any

2. 7-21 Speed Mountain Tail Bike

In this tail bike, the frame and other equipment are fully customizable, and you need nothing to worry about this as it is one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life. You can even use this bike for the neighborhood or ride this in the trails. It all depends on how you deal with it as this bike is designed for the multiple-use contains powerful features.

Ready for the short gearing and changing experience? It is the bike that fits your need as it is one of the best things you can play around.

Fatty tires on the thin allow rims are the best combination and you can get this all in this excellent mountain trail bike I am reviewing right now. So, you need security with the fun, and this bike fits under your need so why you need others. Check this out and shop for the best mountain bike for you in 2021 to ride with professionalism. It will give you something better than other bikes.

  • Customizable design
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight frame
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Design can be better
  • Pricey

3. 29-In Hawkeye Mountain Bike

This aluminium framed full-size bike is for those who want the best results from their ride and want to keep themselves safe as well. With the high-end aluminum steel quality, you can get the best moods with this awesome trail bike.

Seven sped freewheel can make your ride rapid and thus you can ride on the mountains quickly and smoothly. That’s why I added this pick in my list of best hardtail mountain bikes in 2021.

The handlebar is adjustable, and you can set this according to your needs. That’s why I made this guide for you to face no difficulty while choosing the best mountain bikes in 2021.

Double-wall allow rims are one of the best things in this bike as they are sleek, strong and eye-catching that will make your life easier and smooth with the best-featured bike. Rims are safe from bendable issues, and you need nothing to worry about the quality as you know how awesome the aluminum rims are.

The front suspension feature is like heaven for those riders who knew about this thing. It will make you safe all around the ride and also provide you with a smooth journey without jerking issues during the trails on mountains.

  • Crown front suspension
  • Strong frame
  • Reliable and smooth seat
  • Adjustable body
  • Weighted

4. 17-Inches Framed Hardtail Bike

This 17-inches mountain bike is not only for mountains. As far as you know how to ride a bike, you can use it for your daily use. It won’t affect you, and this bike is the smoothest bike you can get at such a price.

This means to say, this bike is a combination of daily use and mountain use bike that provides the best qualities all the time whenever you ride the bike.

The brake system is dual and provides you with a stable braking experience without falling or other errors. So, you can have such bikes with blind eyes as these bikes one of the best in the market during the present time.

Free-pedals features will help you keep on track with better stability and never turn down the ride you want. That’s why I want to have a deep look on this bike and get the best results from such hardtail mountain bikes like Hiland 17 inches.

  • Customizable body
  • Adjustable size
  • Height & weight adjustable
  • Pure aluminum frame
  • Not any

5. All Terrain Hardtail Mountain Bike

With the high-quality suspension brakes and frame, this mountain bike comes up with the best qualities with some minor changes that make the whole bike an excellent pick for the riders in 2021.

The gear shifting system is another great thing you do for a better ride and fast-smooth journey. It will surely help you in some muddy areas where the tires are stuck and need some better assistance.

Thus, such suspension tires will help you to get the better quality of the bike in 2021. That’s why I added this best pick as my favorite one in this list of top 10 best bikes.

  • Sleek design
  • Customizable handlebar
  • Fat-Gripy tires
  • Adjustable height
  • Weighted

6. Ledge 2.1 Hardtail Bike

Another pick with a great suspension brake set is here to make you a fan of its excellent features. With the sleek design, it’s easy to sit on it and ride to enjoy the best moments with such a bike.

Not limited to design only, the suspension system is damn awesome that will save your frame from being damaged. I added this best stuff in my list because it matters a lot for a rider to check the best quality stuff in 2021.

  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Smooth bumps
  • One size only

7. Status Speed Shifter Front Suspension Bike

The front suspension means safe yourself from being hurt, and this is the main thing I want you to understand as a rider, you need this feature at any cost. It will help you ride safely, and this feature makes you able to ride in front of other professional riders who claim to be the best biker.

A hydroformed tubing system makes the tires so awesome that won’t get a puncture during the trails riding. This thing is crucial because you can’t carry much luggage during the riding so it better is to customize your bike before the ride to have everything you want in your bike.

  • Quick stop trail
  • Powerful tubing system
  • Durable rims
  • Complete MTB look
  • Weighted

8. MTB 17 Inches Framed Bike

This bike is fully MTB framed support that provides the maximum smoothness and relaxation to the rider during the race. Fully active suspension can be so helpful for you during the downward ride on the mountains.

It will help you get better riding and help you ride safe from the danger and grab the best moments from your life as a trail or mountain rider.

The powerful gearing system ensures you get the safe ride in almost every situation and play the better riding role in a competitive world. So, stay focus on it as it will affect your life in real.

  • Fully MTB frame
  • Free-pedals feature
  • Lightweight
  • Pure Aluminum
  • Size is not adjustable

9. 26 Inch fat Tire Hardtail Bike

With the help of carbon frame, it’s easy for you to get a better riding experience in the real world without any issue. This thing will keep you safe from any hurdle and provide smooth-riding all the time.

Fat tires are so helpful that will make your day by saving you from accidental conditions and provide a better and safe ride all the time on the trails and mountains.

Easy to manage gearing system is installed, and you won’t regret such features when you sit and ride this fantastic mountain bike in 2021.things are changing, and this MTB design bike is still the same with the old best technology that won’t make you angry in any way.

  • Free pedals function
  • Easy to customize
  • Guide for self-installation
  • Strong-thick frame
  • Weighed

10. Men Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

With the dual suspension feature, it will be easy for you to ride safely and smoothly without any issue or problem during the jumps. Front and rare suspension will take care of your bike and provide the best results to the rider.

Thin and rugged tires can make your day by providing the best results, and the custom linear-pull brake will help stop the bike with some great rules that would help you stop safely and make your tires clean and sleek.

  • Dual suspension
  • Custom brakes system
  • Thin and sleek tires
  • Customizable and adjustable
  • Not any


Well, my top 10 picks based on what I like the most in bikes. Your thoughts might not agree with it. So, I have separated the buyer’s guide section where you can get the buying guide if you want to grab the best picks by yourself.

So, let’s jumped into our buyer’s guide and I will show you how to choose the best mountain bikes having hardtail features in 2021:

You can assume several things to have on the mountain bikes, but I mentioned some vital stuff you need to look after. It will keep you safe and sound from being accidental victims and make your wings you fly high as you want with your dream bike.

Let’s see what I have seized for you in this mountain bike best guide 2021:

Frame Material:

Hardtail bikes are manufactured out of different materials depending on the price and user demand. Here are a few of them:

Carbon (The King):

Carbon is one of the best materials used to manufacture mountain bikes. From quality to look, everything relates to this is super-awesome. The color for such metals are real, so there is no need to get the colored as it’s natural in such mountain bikes.


With the average and strong quality, we have another better quality frame-metal that you can get if you are a regular rider and ride weekly or monthly. This thing can make your ride smooth and fast due to its lightweight.


The steel material is nowadays in less quantity due to its weight and stiffness. It will help you with the necessary riders who want the ride just for fun, and this is the best thing for them because they are at the initial stage of their riding.

Bottom-Line: If you can ride on the mountains, the material is nothing to worry about as it is just metal and nothing else.

Key components to check:

Wheels: The very first thing that requires to have an eye is wheel size and quality. The standard size is 26 inches, and most riders love to have such size for a better riding with a professional bike.

Aluminum wheel with the dual wire function will make your day, and you will love to see the best results from your bike. Therefore, always focus on the best wheels as they are the only reason you can get the rugged and grip during mountain riding.

Tires: If you have rugged tires set, it will be so easy for you to ride in the mountains without fear of falling. Thin or fat, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that can help you is the grip. If you have excellent grippy tires, then you are on your way to success.

Groupset (Gears Pack): Gears must be smooth, and you need to think about more gears pack. It will provide you with long racing or riding and help you keep on trails when it became hard to lift upward.

Gears can help you make speed up your bike, and for this, a better gear pack or gear group can be helpful for you.

Typically there are 12-24 gears in best hardtail mountain bikes, and you have to focus on quantity too as more gears mean more fun and less effort on trails.

Brakes: Hard brakes sometimes provide less fun and more issues if you compare it with the soft but disc brakes. Disc brakes are the reason for better riding and better stopping. As disc brakes are less risky and can provide you better moments, that’s why it is recommended you to must use disc brakes in your bike especially when you have high spirits and hopes with your riding.

I have divided the brakes into typically two categories. Both have their specifications which you need to notice. So, let’s have a look at those points:

  • Mechanical: 

These brakes require less maintenance and work very well. With these brakes, you don’t need any suspension in the brakes and can do very well on trails and mud areas.

  • Hydraulic:

These brakes are resistant to water and need less power to operate. The Hydraulic brakes are light and need nothing to operate. Hydraulic brakes tend to be better technology than others.

Final Thoughts:

As you know, the best hardtail mountain bikes carry less weight and the best features which you can’t deny. It is the only reason I wrote this guide from basic to advance level to help you provide the best results so far.

Mountains bikes are not designed for beginners as it is strictly not allowed for the kids or teenagers to get rides on highly dangerous areas such as muddy mountains.

So, they can only use such mountain bikes to have a hardtail on the roads for the essential fun. Health is the most critical factor during the ride, and you need to focus on this at first because it needs attention and care to get the best out of it.

Mountains bikes seem to be easy, but the story is different. You can’t ride such bikes without an instructor or practice as it needs attention and expertise combination which you must have before deep dive into such critical practices.

I wish you the very best of luck for your further journey. Ensure you follow all the rules and guide I told you here to stay safe and a better rider in 2021. Happy riding!

Last Updated on February 8, 2021