Enjoy Rough Trails With The Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2022 [Buying guide]

So, you want to get into mountain biking, but you don’t want to break the bank? Let’s be real, when it comes to MTB, there’s virtually no upper budget limit. But, for beginners and adventurers alike, a budget mountain bike is a perfect way to test the waters. By not spending a small fortune, you can see whether riding on rougher terrains is for you. Mountain bikes under $300, despite the lower price, have a lot to offer! 

These bikes come with all sorts of shock-absorbing features, and they usually pack high-quality brakes. After all, you need all the control you can get while adventuring out there, on dirt roads. 

We’ve prepared a list of the best mountain bikes under $300 to help you out with that decision. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of these mountain bikes, as well as what you can expect from them. 

Let’s ride!


Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Here’s a quick summary of mountain bikes under $300 we’ve prepared for you. Make sure to read on to find out more about the features, hardware, and minute details these bikes bring to the table!

Huffy Hardtail Mountain BikeHuffy Hardtail Mountain BikeShimano TZ-31 rear derailleur
Lightweight alloy wheels
Lifetime warranty on the durable steel frame
Hiland H200 Mountain BikeHiland H200 Mountain BikeSuper lightweight aluminum frame
Dual disc brake system
Front suspension
Xspec Folding Mountain BikeXspec Folding Mountain BikeFoldable mountain bike
Doubly alloy wheels
Dual disk brakes
Dual suspension
Kent KZ2600 Mountain BikeKent KZ2600 Mountain BikeFull suspension
Aluminum frame
Double alloy 36-spoke wheels
Floating rear suspension
Outroad Folding Mountain BikeOutroad Folding Mountain BikeFoldable design
Super compact
Magnesium 6-spoke wheels
Hydraulic shock absorption
Elecony Thunder Saver100 Mountain BikeElecony Thunder Saver100 Mountain BikeMade for teens and older
Front suspension
Dual disc brakes
Easy assembly

1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This Huffy mountain bike model is a great starting point for people who want to test out the waters of adventurous bike riding. It comes in denim blue, with neon green details, which is great for badly-lit areas. The wheels come in a standard 26” format, meaning that the bike is not exactly made for kids. But, the manufacturer recommends it for ages 13 and above. 

Now, when it comes to specs, you can expect the usual in the price range, with some features that stand out. The derailleur is Shimano TZ-31, which works great with the onboard micro-shift twist twister. Together, these enable you to adapt to the road with a total of 21 speeds. What’s more, the derailleur comes with a removable guard, making maintenance easier. 

The tires are knobby, and the tire tread pattern bites into rough terrains easily. Even though it is the heavier option, Huffy decided to go with a steel frame. It is, however, more durable, and you’ll be happy to hear that it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Lastly, the seat is padded and has side stitches to make it last longer. It is easily adjustable thanks to the quick release, so no tools are needed. The pedals utilize a 3-crank system, and the handlebars are slightly raised to accommodate upright riding!

  • Lifetime warranty on the durable steel frame
  • Removable guard for the Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur
  • Ergonomic handlebars with extra grip and a shape that supports upright riding
  • Lightweight alloy wheels with knobby tires
  • Gear shifting can be a bit hard to pull off until you get used to it

2. Hiland H200 Mountain Bike

The very first thing you can notice with this Hiland mountain bike is the design. This manufacturer made sure that the bike not only looks great but feels great while you ride it as well. On top of that, the 3-spoke and 6-spoke wheel designs are more than convenient in rough road conditions. The wheels are 26” in diameter of 26”, and their design with fewer spokes significantly reduces the total weight of the mountain bike. Speaking of weight…

The frame on this Hiland is made of aluminum, so we can say that they thought of overall weight while designing the H200. If you like to adventure a lot, the bike not being too heavy is a bonus! You get to ride it on harsh terrains and transport it easily. Thanks to the lightweight design, we can safely say that the bike is comfy and aerodynamic. 

Both wheels sport a disc brake system for ultimate control. On the back wheel, you will find a Shimano derailleur that allows for 21 speeds that are optimized for steep terrains and climbing in general. Additionally, the fork comes with a suspensions system to help you with uneven terrain and bumpy rides even more. 

The XC tires on this mountain bike are rated for gravel, dirt, and pavement. However, once you learn the ropes, you’ll be able to conquer all standard off-road terrains.

  • Super lightweight with a frame made of aluminum
  • 3-spoke and 6-spoke wheels that reduce the overall weight of the bike
  • Front suspension absorbs road bumps with ease
  • Both wheels come with disc breaks installed
  • The assembly of Hiland H200 mountain bike takes a bit longer than average

3. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

Folding bikes come in all shapes and sizes. This Xspec bike is both a mountain bike under $300 and a folding bike. So, if you are a commuter who needs to get across a bump or two, or simply likes to blow off some steam after work, this is the model for you. Now, folding bikes used to have a bad reputation in terms of stability, which is not the case with this particular model. Not only that, but this foldable mountain bike comes with a double suspension system that will absorb most bumps on trail roads. 

When it comes to wheels, we are talking about double-alloy wall rims that are 26” in diameter. These wheels also come equipped with disc brakes – one on each wheel, meaning that braking is predictable and stable (compared to the standard V-brake system). The derailleur and the gear shifters are from Shimano, with 21 speeds in total. You can easily adapt the mountain bike to uphill and downhill roads. 

Now, the folding frame is made of high-tensile steel. It may be heavier than aluminum, but since the frame is smaller, it shouldn’t pose an issue. The absorbers do their job well, and the adjustable 22.5” handlebar will help you get a better grip as well. This Xspec comes in two colors (with some details around) – black and white. 

  • A foldable mountain bike that can handle trail roads
  • Foldable pedal design for ultimate portability
  • Disk brakes on both wheels (double-alloy)
  • A mountain bike that packs a double suspension system (front and back)
  • Users have reported that the assembly is on the complicated side. This should not be an issue if you follow the instruction manual

4. Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike

If you are into high-tech-looking mountain bikes under $300, the Kent KZ2600 may be the one. The silver-blue finish is both stylish and minimalist at the same time. Even though the frame is made to accommodate riders of all ages and heights, the manufacturer rated this mountain bike for adults. The whole frame is made of aluminum, making it lighter and more durable as well. 

As you can see, the KZ2600 comes with a dual suspension system – one at the fork and one under the seat (on the rear part of the frame). The fork suspension is pretty standard, while the rear suspension utilizes a floating beam design. While it does look unconventional, it serves a great purpose in absorbing shock from rough terrains. 

Speaking of absorption, you can expect a smooth braking experience, thanks to a disc brake on the front, and a linear brake on the back wheel. Speaking of, the wheels are of standard size (26”) with 36 spokes each. On top of that, the walls of the wheels are double alloy, meaning that you can be a little rougher while you ride. 

On the back wheel, you can find a Shimano rear derailleur mechanism that gives you a 21-speed range. Also, the handlebar is curved slightly upwards, making it comfortable to ride this mountain bike standing upwards.

  • Full suspension mountain bike – fork suspension in the front, floating beam suspension in the back
  • Aluminum frame for durability and portability
  • Double-alloy 36-spoke 26” wheels
  • High-tech looking design with silver and blue accents
  • Even though the tools are provided, you may need some additional tools to assemble this mountain bike

5. Outroad Folding Mountain Bike

Here we have a unique-looking foldable mountain bike under $300 from Outroad. And on top of that, this mountain bike is way under $300, making it a gear budget option. But do not let the price fool you, since this Outroad model has a lot to offer. 

The very first thing you can notice is that it has a two-sided frame, instead of the standard triangle frame we’re all used to. This makes it stand out visually, yes, but it also makes it lighter – less material used directly translates to lower overall bike weight. 

Now, when it comes to features, besides the obvious folding mechanism, we have a dual suspension system. On the front, there’s a standard shock-absorbing suspension system. And on the back, you can see the hydraulic shock absorber, just underneath the seat. Together these two make riding on bumpy roads a breeze. 

Another feature to help you with bumpy rides is the dual disc brake system. Both disc brakes are attached to 26” 6-spoke wheels. On the back wheel, there’s a Shimano 21-speed mechanism that allows you to adapt to slopes. 

This Outroad mountain bike is optimized for portability – the lack of the bottom frame rail, as well as the foldable mechanism, make it easy to transport. 

  • Super budget-friendly with an above-average feature set for the price
  • Extremely portable thanks to a more compact frame and the folding mechanism
  • Magnesium alloy 6-spoke wheels that furtherly reduce the weight of the bike
  • The assembly is user-friendly
  • Since there is no bottom rail on the frame, you can’t attach bottle holders or bags for storage

6. Elecony Thunder Saver100 Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are not for adults only. The Elecony Thunder is a smaller-frame mountain bike under $300 that’s made for individuals with smaller frames, and is safe for kids. This, however, doesn’t mean that the bike is less capable, only smaller. That being said, let’s get into the details.

The frame is made of high-carbon steel. On the rear side, you’ll find a 21-speed Shimano derailleur mechanism, and on the front – a gripped Shimano twist-turn gear changer. The fork comes with standard suspension, however, there’s no suspension on the rear side under the rider. Both 24” wheels are equipped with disc brakes, giving you more control while riding on rougher terrains. This mountain bike is rated for gravel, but it can handle all sorts of similar trails. 

Additionally, despite the smaller frame of this mountain bike, the wheels come with wider-than-average tires (2.1” wide). Naturally, wider tires directly translate to a better grip, allowing for rougher rides. 

Lastly, the assembly is made easy, since most of it is done and the bike comes 85% assembled. What’s more, you get all the tools necessary to finish the job. Remember, even though this mountain bike is advertised for teens, it supports adults riders as well. 

  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame made of high-carbon steel
  • The bike comes 85% assembled, with all the tools needed to finish the assembly
  • Shimano TZ500 derailleur on the back and Shimano RS35 twist-turn gear changer
  • The tires are wider than average for this type of frame, providing better grip
  • The handlebar is straight, making it not ideal for upright riding

Mountain Bikes Under $300 – Final Thoughts 

Mountain biking is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy the countryside and to commute safely. On top of that, once you get some experience, the extra adrenaline kick is just a bonus. The best mountain bikes under $300 aren’t exactly cutting-edge tech, but there are some models worth looking into. And, as you can see above, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on one. 

Do not let the price fool you, every mountain bike model from our list is a solid starting point for beginners. Some models can even support the needs of a more advanced mountain bike rider. 

Lastly, if you are interested in getting your hands on something more advanced, make sure to take a look at the guides we prepared for you! 

Stay safe and bike on!

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