How Long Does an Electric Bike Last

With the advanced features, advantages, convenience, and faster speed with less effort, the popularity of e-bikes is increasing day by day. But, while buying an electric bike, the main concern or a common question that people ask is how long does an electric bike last?  

Well, on average, an electric bike will last between three and five years without requiring swapping out any component. However, this duration will differ depending on the e-bike’s model, individual components, quality of motor, battery, frame, and regular care and maintenance. 

So, if you are interested in buying an e-bike, read this guide to know everything related to e-bike lifespan. 


How Long Does An Electric Bike Last

You can expect an electric bike to last at least 3 to 5 years without needing to change any parts or components. And best of all, you can extend the overall lifespan of an e-bike a few more years by replacing or upgrading its individual components.    

So, if you’re considering buying an electric bike, you should know about the average lifespan of individual components and parts of it. So, here are the factors which determine how long does an electric bike last. 


Usually, the best quality electric city bike comes in Lithium-Ion Battery, 36 V, and 5 Ah. And, typically, a lithium-ion battery with such capacity lasts for 500 charge cycles, and it’s enough to last for 3 to 5 years. 

Once this 500 charge cycle is completed, naturally, the overall performance of the e-bike decreases somewhat. When you see that your battery is failing to hold a charge, it means that this is the right time to replace it. 

TIP: Don’t let the battery get cold or completely run out of charge. This may destroy or damage the battery’s cells permanently. When you’re not using the bike, keep the battery covered and at room temperature. Also, ensure that the charge level is 30 to 60 percent. 


In general, e-bike motors last longer than any other component due to their high grade and strong components. Also, the overall lifespan of your ebike’s motor system is determined by your driving type and how well you take care of it. And this time could be three to ten years. 

Usually, you’ll find three different types of electric bike motor, and these are- 

  1. Direct Drive Hub: Overheating, rust, and water affect the lifespan of direct drive hub motors. Also, excessive power flow through the direct drive hub can cause the motor and other components to overheat and melt. So, for the longer life of your direct drive hub, you should take care of these things.  
  2. Geared Hub: This type of motor can operate properly between 3,000 to 10,000 miles. When this mileage has been crossed, it would be better to replace the motor. 
  3. Mid-Drive: Mid-drive motors are attached to the crank and supply direct power to the chain. These motors usually put more pressure on the derailleur systems, drive chain, sprocket and because of the force the components wear out faster.  


Depending on the tire type and quality, the lifespan will differ, which can range from 1,000 to 4,000 miles. In fact, the front and back tires also vary in lifespan, as the back tire wears out much faster than the front tire. 

TIP: Consider puncture-resistant and swapping front and rear tires. You can also use a tire liner between the tire and tube. 

Chains, Brakes, Frame, and Gears

The e-bike’s chain and gears often get damaged over time. But, these two components can cross at least 2,000 miles if they come in high-quality elements before requiring any replacement. On the other hand, brakes with higher quality will last up to 2,000 miles of riding an e-bike. 

When it comes to an e-bike’s lifespan, the frame is the least component to be worried about. However, if you have five years or older ebike, the structural integrity of your frame will decay over time. You can handle crashes with a newer model than the old one, on the other hand, the old frame may lead to more serious collisions and accidents. 


How Long Does An Electric Bike Battery Charge Last?

Typically, a fully single charged electric bike charge lasts for 20 to 70 miles of travel. Considering other factors like terrain, hills, wind, battery capacity, and rider’s weight, the range may vary.

How Many Miles Can An Electric Bike Go?

Considering the watts, battery Ah, tire type, power system, and weather condition, on average an electric bike can cover 25 to 50 miles.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An E-Bike Battery?

A lithium-ion battery with a 5Ah capacity will take 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. Other than that, depending on the battery size and type, this duration will vary.

How Often Should You Charge Your Electric Bike Battery?

It is strictly recommended not to leave the electric bike’s battery fully discharged. Thus, you need to keep the battery in charge every time after a ride. This way, your e-bike will always be ready to go for a ride.

Can I Leave My Ebike Battery On Charge Overnight?

No, you should be careful not to overcharge the e-bike’s battery, as it will get overheated. Though, many modern chargers are to be connected indefinitely. This way, once the battery gets fully charged, it will automatically cut off the charging current. But, if your charger doesn’t come with this feature, then it would be better not to leave the battery on the charger for long periods.

Final Thoughts

It’s a fact that, with proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your electric products and the same goes for e-bikes also. Also, with a little care and attention, to ensure a longer lifespan of your e-bike, you may require changing the tires, chain, battery, brake pads, etc.

We hope now, you know how long does an electric bike lasts. So, keep your electric bike clean, change the basic components when needed, and enjoy its great performance for many years to come! Hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, if you have any related questions, feel free to ask by commenting below.

Last Updated on February 22, 2022