How to Make 80cc Dirt Bikes Faster

The first thing you should do if you want to make your 80cc dirt bike faster is to make it lighter. You can make the bike go faster by about seven pounds if you weigh less than 200 pounds. This can be an important amount for a man or a teenager because even seven pounds can make the difference between going fast and going slow. And don’t forget that 80cc dirt bikes aren’t just for kids! There are plenty of benefits for adults who ride them too. They’re surprisingly powerful enough to get up hills and play around.

80cc Dirt Bike


High Performance Cylinder Head

The High Performance Cylinder Head for 80c / 66cc bikes is designed to increase the horsepower of your motorcycle engine, while cooling the engine greatly. This results in increased horsepower, better performance, and a longer life for your 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine. Be careful when you choose this type of head though, as they do not comply with California Air Resources Board or E.P.A. emission regulations.

The 2-stroke High Performance Cylinder Head is designed to increase engine cooling by up to 60 percent. The higher cooling rate will increase your motorcycle’s speed, and the longer you can rev your engine, the better it will perform. This cylinder head also allows you to race your motorcycle in extreme conditions. It is a great choice for many types of bikes, from scooters to dirt bikes. It also looks great!

The High Performance Cylinder Head is designed for two-stroke bikes and can be purchased from many sources. It is an excellent upgrade for any motorcycle. High performance cylinder heads allow you to increase the torque of your 2-stroke motorcycle and make it more capable of climbing steep hills. It also improves the horsepower of your motorcycle. Whether you’re a commuter or a weekend warrior, a High Performance Cylinder Head will boost the performance of your motorcycle.

High Performance Muffler

When purchasing a High Performance Muffler for your 80cc bike, there are several things to consider before making the purchase. First of all, the length of your straight pipe determines how much backpressure is produced. The right length for this engine is about 16 inches. Then, consider the restrictiveness of the muffler. If you want more backpressure, you would need a heavily restricted muffler.

Another feature is the detachable expansion chamber, which traps sound and builds back pressure to enhance top end speed and torque. The exhaust is also more smooth with the muffler’s extra-long pipe, ensuring a more comfortable ride for the bike rider. These two benefits make the High Performance Muffler for 80cc bike a great choice for any rider looking to add a bit more oomph to their engine.

The F2 Thrust Exhaust is made to fit most two-stroke bicycle engines and has 40mm mounting stud spacing. It includes mounting hardware and a tuned chamber. This muffler will significantly increase mid-range power. The exhaust also increases overall torque and top speed. Another advantage of the F2 Thrust Exhaust is its sleek design, making it perfect for a low-riding motorcycle.

XtremepowerUS 80cc Gas Mini Bike

If you’re looking for a gas-powered mini bike for kids, the XtremepowerUS is the perfect choice. This mini bike features a fuel-efficient 2-stroke engine that allows it to travel at up to 23 mph. This means it can easily keep up with a normal bike on the open road. With its wide tires and high-quality suspension, the XtremepowerUS 80cc Gas Mini Bike will ensure your child’s safety and enjoyment.

Despite its size, the XtremepowerUS 80cc Pocket Dirt Bike has a 2.5-horsepower engine and can reach speeds up to twenty-three miles per hour. It is recommended that riders weigh no more than 150 pounds when riding. The XtremepowerUS 80cc Gas Mini Bike is easier to assemble than other mini bikes, so you don’t have to worry about putting together the bike yourself. It comes with everything you need to get started. Just remember to check the oil level and fuel the bike before riding. The handlebars are adjustable, and the bike can be used by kids as young as thirteen years old.

The XtremepowerUS 80cc gas mini bike is a fast, powerful, and versatile machine. With a two-stroke, four-stroke engine that puts out 2.5 horsepower, the XtremepowerUS 80cc gas mini bike can double as a street motor scooter. The frame features a powder-coated, welded gusset for added durability. This gas mini bike has a range of up to 25 miles and is recommended for children at least thirteen years old.

Mega Moto 80cc Gas Mini Bike

How to make Mega Moto 80cc Gas mini bike faster? The fastest mini bike is not the fastest one on the market. This bike is only capable of reaching a top speed of 23 mph. This is not an ideal speed range for a first-time rider, as a beginner needs some practice. You can increase its speed by tuning its components. However, you should always remember that you should never increase the speed more than twenty percent.

While the factory engine of the Mega Moto 80cc Gas Mini Bike is geared to a higher speed, it is not capable of reaching that. Although the Mega Motors 66/80cc engine comes standard with high-quality components, it will only be able to hit about 23 mph. Consequently, you should only try to increase its speed by five or six mph.

To increase the speed, it is best to use a throttle. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can either change the settings in the ignition, or you can add more power to the engine. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of power that the bike can deliver, you can install a nitrous oxide tank. By using these tips, you’ll be on your way to faster riding!

Yamaha PW80

The Yamaha PW80 is an all-around bike made for children aged seven to ten years old. Its weight is less than 40 kilograms and its height is at least four feet three inches. It is a reliable bike that comes with a 79cc two-stroke engine and an easy-to-shift 3-speed transmission. Its fuel system is electronic and the two-stroke oil is pumped directly into the crankcase from under the seat.

The PW80’s basic performance is fine for a seven-year-old, thanks to its semi-automatic transmission and clutchless shifting. It has a payload capacity of 40 Kg (88 lbs.) and its lightweight chassis is easy to learn on. For more advanced riders, a few modifications can improve performance. The Yamaha PW80 is a great entry-level dirt bike. The semi-auto transmission and bulletproof engineering make it safe for new riders, and the lightweight frame makes it a great setup for learning the basics.

To boost your PW80’s performance, you’ll need a little bit of mechanical expertise. Yamaha PW80 motorcycles come with an air-cooled two-stroke engine and a 3-speed automatic clutch. The Mikuni VM15SC is responsible for the air-fuel mixture. A Yamaha PW80’s bore-stroke ratio is 47 x 45.6 mm and its compression ratio is 6.6:1. With a 79cc piston, it delivers 6.3 Nm of torque at 5,000 RPM.

Kawasaki K80

For the discerning rider, there are a few key components that contribute to an improved KX80’s speed. The engine is a 6-speed constant mesh return transmission with a wet multi-disc clutch assembly. There’s also a D.I.D. 420M O-ring chain with 120 or 126 links plus a joint that handles wheel spin. The KX80’s wide-ratio transmission is responsible for its massive power output and acceleration.

The engine is one of the first things you should change. The earliest models had a 76-cc single-stroke engine. However, a 1993-model has a slightly different engine configuration. The displacement is 79 cm3, which is 4.82 in3, and the compression ratio is 9.1:1. The bore-stroke ratio is 47 x 45.8 mm, which is roughly 1.85 inches. Those specifications may be slightly different for 1990 models.

For a more aggressive riding style, consider replacing the stock exhaust system with a higher-quality unit. The exhaust system, as well as the clutch, can also be easily modified. Similarly, the flywheel magneto can be replaced with a more powerful one. The flywheel magneto powers the electronics. The KX80’s stock battery is a 6.63 Ah/10 HR YTZ7S. However, the headlights require a more powerful battery, a 12V (4 Ah/10 HR 130-CCA YTX5L-BS. The battery is 114 x 71 x 106 mm and is 4.19 inches long.

Suzuki GSX-R80

The stock internals of the Suzuki GSX-R80 are not the fastest, but there are ways to improve their performance. By adjusting the bike’s setup, Suzuki has the potential to make the bike faster. Stock internals are also lighter, making them easier to handle during racing. But they aren’t the only improvements Suzuki has made. Some riders are having success with aftermarket parts as well.

The GSX-R series was introduced by Suzuki in 1985. In Japan, it was called the GSX-R400. Its 1,127cc inline four-cylinder engine was the first of its kind, and set the stage for the Gixxers to come. The GSX-R series of superbikes has been a favorite of many motorcycle enthusiasts ever since. Its light-weight square-section frame and four-cylinder engine were notable features. In addition, its full-face fairing added a stylish, aerodynamic look.

The GSX-R series was built for superbike racing. The bike’s engine developed in collaboration with Suzuki’s engineering team was designed to match the performance of the Honda Interceptor. Its frame is lighter than the previous generation and uses a square-section alloy for optimal rigidity. In addition to its light-weight frame, Suzuki’s GSX-R series features a four-piston Brembo brake caliper. The bike is also equipped with a three-mode Suzuki Drive Mode Selector and a five-mode Advanced Traction Control System.