Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Bike Storage

If you happen to be someone who keeps his bicycles in the yard or garden, then why don’t you go for a bike shed? It can prove to be the best place for you to store your bikes if you don’t have an indoor garage. And don’t worry, a bike shed can be secure, durable, weather-resistant, and whatnot. They are said to be the best outdoor storage option you can possibly go for.

We found the outdoor bicycle shed very practical. And just like always, there are tons of choices but don’t worry, we are here to give you all the information you need with regards to this.

There are certain things you need to know about outdoor bike storage space. Like what size you need depending on how many bicycles you will be storing. Then what material is going to be the most helpful given the weather conditions you live in. How much space do you have in your garden to install an outdoor bike shed.

Also, you need to figure out the aesthetic appeal. Because obviously, nobody wants to have a shed in their garden that doesn’t look nice or will look out of place. You will have to decide your budget as well. not to mention, what sort of security measures will you have to take. The list simply goes on but don’t worry, we’ll tackle every aspect of outdoor bike storage one by one.

But before we get into all the outdoor bike storage ideas, let’s talk about how your bike suffers when you leave it outside without any protection.


Disadvantages of leaving your bicycles outdoor unprotected

If you are just leaving your bike outside for a day or two, or there is a renovation going on and you have to park your bicycle outside for a couple of days then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re going to keep it locked outside for a long time, the weather conditions can have drastic effects on it.

Here are a few ways your bike can be affected if you park it outdoors for longer than you have to,

Damage to the frame: Most bike frames are made out of steel frames. Rain and moisture isn’t good for any material but your bike gets rusted quickly if it has a steel frame. Usually, you won’t see your frame getting damaged for a long time but eventually, it starts to lose its integrity on the inside which isn’t good and will cause you to lose your bicycle.

Less effective seals: As your bike gets older, its seals become less effective. This will let the moisture and rain to seep into your bike. This could affect the bottom bracket and the bearings on your headset. It can also cause damage to the rear derailleurs and shifters which could prove to be catastrophic.

Oxidizing cables: If your bike has steel cables on the exterior then in due time, if it remains exposed to moisture, sun and rain then it will eventually start to oxidize. This will have a huge negative impact on your bike’s breaks and navigation which is definitely not good news.

Chain disintegration: Steel chains on low-end bikes rust pretty quickly as compared to high-end bikes. This is basically because when you’re parking your bike outdoors, you will be exposing it to moisture and rain. It will get rusted which won’t result in favor of your bike.

Bolts won’t be the same: Another added setback of parking your bike outdoors is that your bolts won’t be the same anymore. Usually, they are made out of weather-resistant material to enhance longevity but it isn’t always the case. Once they start getting all rusty, you will have trouble when removing the bolts from your bike.

Plastic and rubber breaking down: Other than metal and steel components, what you didn’t know is that plastic and rubber can lose their shape as well when exposed to constant heat and humidity. The cable housing is a common component that usually suffers due to excessive heat. Brake hoods, rubber and plastic seats, even tires can disintegrate.

Now that you know how not having an indoor space or an outdoor shed can damage your bikes, we are sure you will be willing to invest in one. Look at it this way, instead of having you bike sustain permanent damage, won’t it be better if you simply go for an affordable and highly durable outdoor shed to enhance the lifespan of your bikes.

It might seem difficult to get the right shed that will fulfill your requirements but it’s not impossible. Just a little bit of research and you’re good to go. And you don’t even need to go anywhere else. All the information you need on outdoor bike storage is right here.

So moving on, let’s talk about the kind of shed you can use and all the things you need to consider before buying it.

The size needs to be considered

Starting with, the first and foremost thing to consider is how many bikes will you be storing under the shed. This will help you determine the size to have sufficient room to store all that you can. You will have to determine the number of bikes, the size of your bikes, how many additional accessories are there going to be. Some people even want some extra space so they can work on their bikes inside the shed.

So, keeping all of this in perspective, you’re definitely going to need a lot of space to do all that. Now obviously, this will depend basically on the size of the bikes you have. That’s why you need to determine you large and small your bikes are and how much are they probably going to take.

On an estimated number, a single bike requires a 6×2 shed whereas two bikes will require 6×3 sheds. You can multiply this accordingly. But of course, the numbers we just mentioned are very general. Maybe you have a smaller bike, maybe you have a bigger bike or maybe you have a bike with a seat. So, it completely depends on the size of the bike you own and then you will be able to determine the size of shed you’ll need.

We would suggest that you measure all of your bikes and then make an estimate of how much extra space you’re possibly going to need. In our opinion, be generous. Your outdoor shed can be used for a number of purposes so keep all your options open.

Accessing your bikes

When it comes to installing a shed in your garden or yard to keep your bikes, it’s not just about keeping them in there, locked for good. But it’s also about accessing them when you need. Trust us, you don’t wanna go the trouble of fiddling with your bikes because there is not enough space.

An ideal outdoor shed will allow you to take one bike out without having to move rest of the bikes. There should be enough space between two bikes so that you can walk inside, get one out while the others stay in the same spot as they were before.

This means you will have to go for a shed that allows the bikes to go forward instead of sideways. But unfortunate, there aren’t too many options in the market when it comes to move forward sheds so you will probably have to improvise.

However, if a few of your bikes are something you don’t use frequently, then you can consider a sideways shed. You can just keep the frequently used bike at the front and keep everything else behind it. But, if you all your family members are frequent bikers then go for something a bit more customized. There are tons of options you can use.

Location of your shed

Another important point that you obviously cannot miss. Where is your shed going to go now that you have the measurements and the access point!

This is a bit tricky since we have already asked you to measure your bikes. At this point, you probably know how big of a shed you’re going to need. But the question is, will your garden or backyard will have enough space for you to have it installed?

This specific aspect restricts the size drastically. You could have limited floor space. There could be limited height because of the fence or wall heights or it can simply be an aesthetic concern. Some neighborhoods also don’t allow the installation of outdoor sheds.

You will have to find a flat floor that is dry and gives you enough space. Not just to keep your shed but to also be able to access your bikes easily.

Don’t forget the security

We cannot forget the security concerns as well. A shed that is placed outside your house at the front, open for everyone who passes by isn’t going to be secure enough as compared to a shed that you have kept behind your house, maybe in your backyard.

But, also keep in mind that your shed’s door shouldn’t be invisible to you. Any thief is going to put in more effort to break in a house that’s shed isn’t visible as compared to the one that is. The same way, having a shed closer to your home is also going to keep thieves at bay because they will be afraid of disturbing any activities that might be going on inside the house. They don’t like attention; we can vouch for that.

We would suggest that you place your shed behind your house, where the passerby can’t see or access it. But it’s doors shouldn’t be too far from your backyard’s door so you may not even be able to see it yourself.

This isn’t going to be possible for everybody. We understand that which is why we are going to suggest some additional security measures you can make use of.

  • Choose the most ideal location from where your shed is visible to you at all times.
  • Add additional security to your garden. You can always use wires or shattered glass to booby trap your walls.
  • Don’t for get to remove the shrubs that may give a hiding space to the thieves.
  • Never advertise your bikes or how many of them you have. If you happen to be someone who uses Strava, keep your profile private to not attract any person with stealing intent.
  • Install a solid door lock. There are tons of options available in the market that you can research on.
  • Install an alarm on your handle so in case if somebody tries to break in with force, you will know instantly.

Material of your bike shed

Moving on, another important aspect that you must keep in mind when installing an outdoor bike storage space is what kind of material is going to be the most durable. In this regard, you only have three choices; metal, resin or wood.

Each one of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss.

1. Metal shed

Did you know that metal sheds have been around for a long time? Usually, we don’t think of metal when it comes to finding an ideal material for bike sheds but nonetheless, they are very useful anyway.

The best thing about having a metal shed is the level of security they offer. We haven’t seen a shed as good at keeping your bikes safe and sound as much as this one does. It’s the best outdoor storage solution in terms of security.

Not to mention, metal sheds are also weather-resistant. They don’t crack, bend or fade. Since they are strong, they can hold their end of the bargain even against heavy storms whether rain, wind or snow.

But you need to look for high-quality metal sheds, ones that have been galvanized well and can maintain their integrity. The ones who do also provide incredible resistance against rust and corrosion which is one the safest measures you can take for your bikes.

Moreover, metal sheds are maintenance-free. All you have to do is give them a quick watery shower every other day and you’re good to go. But, they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Metal sheds are by far the most difficult to customize aesthetically and it is a fact. And in case there is no ventilation inside, it can cause your bikes to disintegrate.


  • Extremely durable
  • Great for security
  • Maintenance free
  • Insect, rot and rodent proof


  • Unattractive
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Can cause your bikes to disintegrate

Of course, there are some advantages of having any product onboard. We think that if created thoughtfully, you can get rid of the suffocation aspect of a metal shed. You can have windows installed but then again, it will cost you extra money.

2. Plastic sheds

Plastic or resin sheds as most people popularly know them are the new kids on the playground and are becoming favorite moving forward.

We found the plastic bike sheds to be very easy and simple to use. They are easy to transport, easy to assemble, and are very lightweight. Plastic sheds also have zero to no maintenance which makes them a very convenient option to begin with.

They are also rodent and insect proof. Plastic sheds are very affordable. You won’t have to pay too much money to acquire them. Once they are delivered, you can have them installed within a couple of hours.

However, we don’t think they look visually attractive at all. In fact, a plastic shed looks cheap and unaccounted for. They are also almost impossible to customize so you cannot change a factory default experience.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Insect and rodent free
  • Weather resistant
  • No maintenance required


  • Can look very cheap
  • Zero customization possibility
  • Not very sturdy

So, if you’re gonna look for a plastic shed, we suggest opt for something that comes with steel roof for additional maintenance. Some of them even have ventilation grills installed that will keep your bikes from suffering the same fate they would in a metal shed.

3. Woodsy sheds

Last but not least, wood is the most common material that has been used to manufacture sheds ever since the concept of outdoor storage spaces was introduced. There are tons of reasons why people use wooden sheds and we are gonna ponder upon all of them.

Wood is relatively affordable, easy to work with, can be customized, is durable, and looks absolutely stunning placed in your garden. You can conveniently build your own shed, as per your requirements, and place it in your back or front yard without thinking twice about it.

Wooden bike sheds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. And even if you find none, you can always have it customized according to your liking which is one of the biggest advantages of a wooden shed.

And fact that wooden sheds are easy to work with, you can customize your entire experience. Not to mention, a wooden shed is probably the most environment-friendly option that you’re ever going to come across.

However, it does require very frequent maintenance that can tire you up. Moreover, wooden shed boxes also aren’t weather resistant. They are durable, very durable for a fact but they won’t be able to keep your bikes safe in case there is sand, wind, rain, or a snowstorm.


  • Can be customized easily
  • Durable and robust
  • Environment friendly
  • Looks very attractive


  • Requires maintenance
  • Isn’t very secure
  • Not rodent and insect free

So, if you wanna opt for a wooden bike shed, make sure you go back to the basics. Coat it is with weather-resistant paints, keep it properly maintained, add ventilation and thoroughly focus on its security it.

Woody, metal, or plastic?

The question is still there that which one do you need to go for. We think there are a number of aspects that are going to influence this decision of yours. If you live in a city where weather is always brutal and you have sufficient space in your back yard, then we would suggest you should go for a metal or plastic shed.

In case you live in an area that has very calming weather throughout the year then you can consider a wooden shed. All of this depends completely on your requirements, how many bikes you have, what is it that you’re looking for, whether you have sufficient space or not. The list goes on.


Having several bikes in your home and not having enough space to store them securely is a dilemma that is not easy to get out of. Even after having so many options, we know how overwhelming it can be if you fail to make a choice.

If you have sufficient outdoor space and you can afford an outdoor shed, then we suggest you waste no time and get one for yourself ASAP. It is important to note that the longer you wait to have a shed installed, the more your bikes are going to suffer as we have mentioned in the beginning.

You can always have customized bike sheds made. There are tons of options in the market and you can go with the one that seems most appropriate to you. Just make sure you keep everything we have mentioned in mind and then make a choice.

Outdoor bike storage may seem like a daunting task but it’s very easy if you know which option to go with. Just assess your requirements completely and then make a choice.

If there is anything you would like to add here, let us know through your comments below. We highly appreciate your feedback and we would love to hear if you have a shed installed in your house.

Last Updated on February 22, 2022